Tasmania images with the courtesy of Tourism Tasmania. Tasmania Motorhomes offer deluxe camper hire and premium deluxe RV motorhome rentals from Hobat in Tasmania from the selfdrive licensed specialists based in Australia
www.tasmaniamotorhomes.com the offical website of Tasmania Motorhomes. Find a camper budget hire and rental selfdrive package with us, specials available now. Book your selfdrive hoildiay with a $200 deposit if booking for next season.
Find a camper budget hire and rental selfdrive package with us, specials available now. Book your selfdrive hoildiay with a $200 deposit if more than 35 days to travel. www.tasmaniamotorhomes.com the offical website of Tasmania Motorhomes Australia 4 Tours Tasmania Motorhomes free quote Tasmania Motorhomes secure booking form Contact us at Tasmania Motorhomes
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General information on Tasmania Australia

Need a motorhome for your next holiday - book with us with a $100 deposit only see your quote.

You choose your vacation to this holiday island in Australia. By it a luxury selfdrive or take a guided accommodated tour across it's landscape from the lakes and mountains to the vineyards and incredable food produce at your beckoning call - Tasmania has it all.


General information to Tasmania Australia



  • Retail opening hours are unrestricted in Tasmania.
  • Large supermarkets are generally open from 0700 to 2100 seven days a week.
  • Many smaller convenience stores are open longer.
  • ATMs and EFTPOS facilities are widely available.
  • Most banks are open 0930 to 1600, Monday to Friday
  • Petrol is available 24 hours in major centres. - As in most parts of regional Australia petrol prices are slightly higher - but then again you won’t have to travel vast distances.
  • The Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania tracks current petrol prices.
  • The speed limit in built-up areas is 50 kilometres per hour unless otherwise indicated.
  • The maximum speed possible on roads outside cities and towns is usually 100 kilometres per hour, although there is a limit of 110 kilometres per hour on a small number of high quality roads.
  • On all open roads, however, lower speed limits are frequently indicated and these limits must be adhered to.
  • Speed cameras and random breath testing units operate throughout Tasmania.
  • Seat belts must be worn in motor vehicles - motorcyclists and bicyclists must wear helmets.
  • Contact police, fire and ambulance by dialling 000
  • The Australian GST (goods & services tax) of 10% applies to most purchases.
  • Tasmania operates on Australian Eastern Standard Time.
  • For daylight saving, clocks are advanced one hour between October and March.
  • Electricity is supplied at 230/240 volts (50 hertz)

Acknowledgements: The Tasmanian Tourism Commission releases materials solely for the purpose of positive promotion of Tasmania as a tourism and travel destination. We are greatful to the Tasmanian Tourism Commission to be able to offer you this information in assistance to your planning of your next Tasmania holidaying vacation.


Facts and Information about Tasmania Australia

Tasmania is the smallest state of the Commonwealth of Australia.

It is an island about 250 kilometres (150 miles) south of the state of Victoria, across Bass Strait.
Tasmania lies between latitudes 40 degrees and 44 degrees south, and between longitudes 143 degrees and 149 degrees east.

It has many offshore islands, including Macquarie Island, which lies close to the point 54 degrees south, 159 degrees east.  It is estimated that Tasmania includes 334 islands.

At 315 kilometres (189 miles) west to east and 286 kilometres (175 miles) north to south, Tasmania is comparable in size with the Scotland (UK), West Virginia (USA) and Hokkaido (Japan).

The area of Tasmania is 68,331 square kilometres (26,376 square miles).

Total length of Tasmania’s coastline (including islands) is approximately 5,400 kilometres.

Highest mountain – Mt Ossa 1617 metres

Longest river – South Esk 201 kilometres

Largest lake – Lake Gordon 272 square kilometres (man-made)

The population of Tasmania is 486,000 (ABS September 2005).
Main centres are
Hobart (the capital city with 205,000 people)
Launceston (98,500)
Burnie (21,000)
Devonport (26,000).

The State Government of Tasmania is centred in Hobart and legislates with residual powers (powers not reserved for the Commonwealth).

The Tasmanian Parliament consists of the House of Assembly (lower house) and the Legislative Council (upper house).

All laws must receive royal ascent from the monarch’s representative, the Governor of Tasmania.







22°C / 72°F

12°C / 53°F


24°C / 75°F

13°C / 55°F


22°C / 72°F

14°C / 57°F


21°C / 70°F

12°C / 53°F

Named ‘Best Temperate Island in the World’ in 1999 and 2000 by Conde Nast Traveler, Tasmania has a mild, temperate maritime climate, with four distinct seasons.

Summers are mild, with any hot periods rarely lasting more than a few days.

Winters are not excessively cold, especially compared to places at similar latitudes in the northern hemisphere, thanks to the sea’s moderating influence.

Hobart has the second lowest rainfall (after Adelaide) of all Australian capital cities, with an average annual rainfall of 626mm.

Check Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Acknowledgements: The Tasmanian Tourism Commission releases materials solely for the purpose of positive promotion of Tasmania as a tourism and travel destination. We are greatful to the Tasmanian Tourism Commission to be able to offer you this information in assistance to your planning of your next Tasmania holidaying vacation. http://www.tourismtasmania.com.au/

General information about Australia and it's other states and icons


1542 km Alice Springs
3415 km 3012 km Brisbane
5100 km 2745 km 4670 km Broome
3143 km 2324 km 1717 km 4095 km Cairns
3053 km 1511 km 3415 km 1885 km 2727 km Darwin
728 km 2270 km 1674 km 5835 km 3054 km 3781 km Melbourne
2724 km 3626 km 4384 km 2388 km 5954 km 4045 km 3452 km Perth
1420 km 2644 km 995 km 5630 km 2546 km 3053 km 868 km 4144 km Sydney
3122 km 2065 km 1371 km 3750 km 346 km 2381 km 2765 km 5600 km 2337 km Townsville
2441 km 2302 km 1132 km 3554 km 635 km 2736 km 2438 km 4722 km 1845 km 290 km Airlie_Beach

Australia is a big country covering 800 million hectares, an area equal to the size of Eastern and Western Europe plus Scandinavia and is about the same size as Mainland USA yet we only have the population of the California coast, Holland or one large European industrial area - 17 million. Imagine it! 

We are an underdeveloped and underpopulated country. The sheer vastness and the diverse landscapes of Australia are difficult to describe - desert, snow, tropical rainforests to mention just a few. Australia is one of the most astonishing and beautiful continents in the world. 

Australians are, generally, very friendly people, easy going and unregimented or, as we say, "laid back". We hope this is something you will like about us! 

Our diverse multi-cultural society is reflected in all aspects of our every day life - food, festivals, art etc. We are a mono-lingual culture with an Australian version of English. Ask us to talk slower - even North Americans and the English have trouble with our Aussie English!

Come see and experience the real Australia


Mail can be received en route at the towns throughout Australia. Remember if receiving mail via a Post Office that they are only open on weekdays from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm being closed on weekends and public holidays.

All Mail should be addressed as follows -

Mr & Mrs, Ms. (Your name)
c/- (TOWN) Post Office
State. Postcode. Australia.

Australian seasons are the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere's:

Spring - September to November 
Summer - December to February

Autumn - March to May 

Winter - June to August
April to September in northern and central Australia - clear warm days, with cool to cold nights. At the same time in the south - cool with occasional rain but still some sunshine.

November to March is warm to hot everywhere; high humidity and often heavy tropical rain in the north (Darwin & Cairns areas) and temperatures over 40 C will be encountered and on some days temperatures could reach 50 C.; warm to hot with mild nights in the south.

If travelling in north Queensland or Darwin and the Top End in January, February or March be prepared for lots of rain.


 Other useful information:


Banking Hours: 9.30 am to 4.00 pm from Monday to Thursday
9.30 am to 5.00 pm on Friday.

Closed Saturday and Sunday.

Automatic Banking/Cashpoints/Hole in the Wall/ATM facilities are available in most towns.

Credit Cards:

The most widely recognised and accepted Credit Cards in Australia are Mastercard (including Eurocard) Visa, American Express and Diners Club are also widely accepted in most major tourist centres. Other overseas cards may present difficulties.

Travellers Cheques:

Travellers cheques are safe, convenient and can be cashed at all banks and many of the larger hotels/motels. Australian Travellers Cheques and larger denominations are recommended. 

Tipping: is optional and is not generally expected in Australia. For exceptional service a gratuity is appreciated. (Hotel and restaurant accounts do not include service charges).

Laundry/Dry Cleaning: 

Caravan parks ant hotels/motels at major centres will have laundry and ironing facilities available.

Electrical Appliances: 

220-250 volt and 50 cycles AC 3 pin plug. 


Many Travel Insurance Policies are available and we cannot recommend too strongly that you ask your arrange this before you leave.

Alice Springs
Ayers Rock
Fraser Island
Airlie Beach
Great Barrier Reef

Alice Springs

What is there to do in Alice Springs and how long do I need there?

Alice Springs is often called the gateway to the real outback and to Ayers Rock. We suggest at least one to two full days for touring Alice Springs. In Alice Springs there is the Flying Doctor Musuem and the Schoolof the air, just outside of town there is the world renowned Desert Park to the Camel and Reptile farms. There are cycling tracks into the mountains.

Where should I start my trip from?

You may start and Alice Springs and end back in Alice Springs, though it is possible to fly into or out of the Rock and for the companies to arrange to pick up you from the Yulara resort or airport to join the tour. One way rentals will oncur an extra charge in Ayer s Rock.

How long do I need for touring?

Touring Ayers Rock, the Olgas and Kings Canyon is quite a long trip around 1500km so we would recommend a 3 day trip though if your budget is limited and time short there are some 2 day trips that do the three points of interest though not as extensively.

How far is Ayers Rock from Alice Springs?

452km and the highway is sealed all the way with roadhouses and petrol stops every 100 to 150 kilometres.

How hot does it get?

From April to August the temperature is around 20-30 degrees Centigrade and the evenings get rather cold around May to July. From November to March the temperature rises above 38 degrees Centigrade and the evenings and very mild and refreshing.

When is peak season?

Usually every second year, i.e., 2000 for two to three weeks in October and also from June to August.

Are there dangerous animals in the area?

There are reptiles that can be considered dangerous though they tend to avoid human contact.

Is it worth spending time in Alice Springs or going to the Ayers Rock direct?

Alice Springs is the gateway to the true outback of Australia and a wonderful place to see native Australians and our laidback outback folk (see Ooraminna Cattle station in our central Australian touring section).

What amount off time do I need in Alice Springs?

One to two full days as there are many attractions around Alice Springs that are fasinating.

Ayers Rock

Can I climb Ayers Rock?

The traditional owners are concerned for your safety in case you hurt and would feel responsible, though they won't stop you.

Where can I go to meet Aboriginals?

There are guided tours into aboriginal culture in Alice Springs, Katherine, Darwin and other areas. Tours are from half day to two days.

Do I need a permit to enter Aboriginal Land?

The desert road called mereenie loop that links Alice Springs to Kings Canyon via the Western MacDonnell ranges is unsealed and a permit is available from three outlets one in Alice Springs.

How far is Kings Canyon and Yulara from Ayers Rock?

Kings Canyon resort is 7km from the canyon. Yulara Resort is app 20km from Ayers Rock. Yulara resort is app 50 km from the Olgas.

What is Kings Canyon?

Kings Canyon referred to as Australia's grand canyon is a wonderful sandstone chasm plunging over 300 feet to the bottom hidden within the George Gill Ranges

What are The Olgas?

The Olgas (Kata Tjuta) is 36 great rock domes dominating the landscape with valley's nestling within.

Airlie Beach and The Whitsunday Island's

Where are the Whitsundays?

The Whitsunday Island's consist of 74 islands. Airlie Beach is 640km south of Cairn's. The Whitsunday's is the gateway to premium sailing trips in Queensland.

Cairn's and The Great Barrier Reef.

Where is Cairns?

Cairn's has a population of 85000 people. Cairn's is the gateway to the great barrier reef and premium diving and snorkelling.

What is the Great Barrier Reef?

The Great Barrier Reef is nearly 2000km long. The are four types of reef Fringe, Ribbon, Patch and Coral Sea Reef.

Can I dive without a lincense?

Yes. It's called resort diving and cost's a little extra and a questionare re your medical history is required. Email us for more diving or snorkellinf info and the latest internet special's and where you wish to dive.

Fraser Island

Where is Fraser Island?

The largest sand island in the world_120km long and 15km wide, there is the 75 mile beach, rainforest, 200 inland lakes and 25km of coloured sand cliff's. There are selfdrive share trips, guided tours and hike around yourself.

Where can I go Whale Watching?

There are whale watching trips from Harvey Bay the gateway to Fraser Island.

Darwin and Northern Australia

What amount of time should I allow in Darwin ? (Information)

Around one to three days for local attractions.

Tasmania mcampers and motorhomes selfdrive specials available nowwww.tasmaniamotorhomes.comt is part of the specialist for selfdrive vehicle hire and rentals and camping and accommodated one day or extended tour and safari broker group of Australia 4 Wheel Drive Rentals and Goholi Pty Ltd group being an experienced respected licensed Travel Agent in Australia (Tel +61 (0) 8 7999 7511). Why come to us and not the supplier direct - We can offer a reasonable discount's off various recommended supplier rates. Simply when we receive a request we recommend the different suppliers of which some you know and some you don't, then we compare the prices, what's included, availabilty limitations, standard or all inclusive quotes and prepare a detailed lenghty quote in a easy to read format detailing all you need to know about the vehicle and how to book. We then book the vehicle with a small deposit to confirm reservation for you and collect full payment of the daily basic rental 45 days prior to travel to fully complete the booking and to save any problems that may arise if you were to try to pay the balance of the daily basic rental at pickup. We then pay the supplier immediatley the following working day so your funds of the required rental monies are in the hands of the supplier. From here you will receive our E-Ticket via email which you confirm back to us then print it and take it to the Britz/CT/Maui/Apollo depot and collect your vehicle on the day of pickup. *All vehicle specifications, contents & layouts are subject to change without notice & may vary due to modifications and/or upgrades. Australia 4 Wheel Drive Rentals cannot be held liable for any such variance.

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