Tasmania images with the courtesy of Tourism Tasmania. Tasmania Motorhomes offer deluxe camper hire and premium deluxe RV motorhome rentals from Hobat in Tasmania from the selfdrive licensed specialists based in Australia
www.tasmaniamotorhomes.com the offical website of Tasmania Motorhomes. Find a camper budget hire and rental selfdrive package with us, specials available now. Book your selfdrive hoildiay with a $200 deposit if booking for next season.
Find a camper budget hire and rental selfdrive package with us, specials available now. Book your selfdrive hoildiay with a $200 deposit if more than 35 days to travel. www.tasmaniamotorhomes.com the offical website of Tasmania Motorhomes Australia 4 Tours Tasmania Motorhomes free quote Tasmania Motorhomes secure booking form Contact us at Tasmania Motorhomes
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Eco Policy in Australia
Need a motorhome for your next holiday - book with us with a $100 deposit only see your quote.

Eco Policy

Below is some advise on how to get the maximum benefit from the beautiful environment and rich culture we have in Australia. We believe in being culturally sensitive and minimising any negative impacts on the environment. To support conservation and preserve our cultural heritage, we need your help. You can assist us with these goals by taking the simple steps outlined below.


Before and during your journey to Australia

Learning about Australia before you arrive will enrich your experience. We recommend reading up on the history, wildlife and culture. Some helpful references are: www.australianwildlife.com.au


Indigenous Australia

In some areas we do ask that you respect any sacred sites and adhere to any requests. This is particularly relevant to some indigenous sites in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Climbing Ayres Rock is permitted however the indigenous people of the area would prefer people did not partake in the climb.

There are also some health risks and if you are attempting the climb, appropriate clothing, footwear and water should be taken for the trip. For more information on sacred sites and indigenous people see


Keep Australia Beautiful

In Australia we recycle waste and ask that you separate and dispose of rubbish thoughtfully. The bins have different coloured lids for plastic/bottles and other waste. If in any doubt please ask local campground operators. Keeping Australia Beautiful is important. If you see rubbish you can take the extra step and help us clean up the Nation. We are grateful for your co-operation.

At Australia 4 Wheel Drive Rentals we use only bio-degradeable products to help the environment. We encourage our clients to do likewise.


Be Water Wise

Water is a scarce resource. Australia regularly experiences drought in many regions. Please use water wisely. If in a particularly affected area we ask that showers be kept to 4 minutes or share a shower with a friend.


Fire can be a hazard

Bushfires are a real danger in Australia. It may be a Total Fire Ban day. This means no open fires to be lit. It is illegal and a very serious offence with hefty penalties to have an open flame on Total Fire Ban days. Do not throw cigarette butts or matches out of the vehicle. For more information about Total Fire Ban days and fire dangers see www.cfs.org.au


Outback Australia

To experience the natural beauty of the Australian outback is a fantastic opportunity. We do caution all travellers to take care when visiting remote areas. We recommend carrying plenty of additional water and also a spare can of petrol. Be mindful of where the next opportunity will be to fill up with petrol and supplies. For more safety tips when travelling in the Outback see


Helping to protect the environment

Australia has a very unique and fragile eco system. To help protect our beautiful country we ask when walking or cycling, please stay on the designated paths to minimize erosion. Just by watching where you walk can help protect sensitive areas/wildflowers/plants that in some cases can take years to regenerate.


The Great Barrier Reef

Australia's natural wonder, The Great Barrier Reef is on many peoples itinerary and a spectacular sight. To learn more about protecting this beautiful natural wonder visit www.coralwatch.org

Australia's unique wildlife needs protection

The magnificent wildlife we have in Australia needs protection. We recommend that you do not travel at dawn or dusk, as this is a peak time for wildlife to be prevalent near the roadways. If it is necessary to travel at these times, please slow down and use extra caution. A kangaroo can jump very suddenly in frount of a car with unfortunate consequences to passengers, animal and vehicle. Feeding of animals is discouraged, as they may be intolerant to many of the additives in products that we consume.


Tasmania mcampers and motorhomes selfdrive specials available nowwww.tasmaniamotorhomes.comt is part of the specialist for selfdrive vehicle hire and rentals and camping and accommodated one day or extended tour and safari broker group of Australia 4 Wheel Drive Rentals and Goholi Pty Ltd group being an experienced respected licensed Travel Agent in Australia (Tel +61 (0) 8 7999 7511). Why come to us and not the supplier direct - We can offer a reasonable discount's off various recommended supplier rates. Simply when we receive a request we recommend the different suppliers of which some you know and some you don't, then we compare the prices, what's included, availabilty limitations, standard or all inclusive quotes and prepare a detailed lenghty quote in a easy to read format detailing all you need to know about the vehicle and how to book. We then book the vehicle with a small deposit to confirm reservation for you and collect full payment of the daily basic rental 45 days prior to travel to fully complete the booking and to save any problems that may arise if you were to try to pay the balance of the daily basic rental at pickup. We then pay the supplier immediatley the following working day so your funds of the required rental monies are in the hands of the supplier. From here you will receive our E-Ticket via email which you confirm back to us then print it and take it to the Britz/CT/Maui/Apollo depot and collect your vehicle on the day of pickup. *All vehicle specifications, contents & layouts are subject to change without notice & may vary due to modifications and/or upgrades. Australia 4 Wheel Drive Rentals cannot be held liable for any such variance.

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